Monday, July 31, 2006

You and your Sunsign

Aries Girl
The Aries girl is a live wire, full of verve. She has loads of energy to burn, and attracts a lot of admirers. She has a fiercely independent streak and likes to chart her own course. It is not unusual to find her taking on leadership roles at school. As Aries rules the head and the face, she will always be particular about her makeup. She can be a bit selfish at times; she sure won't like to exchange clothes with a younger sister. There could be some major feuds with siblings, and parents may have to intervene occasionally. She is a hyperactive, forever rushing from one activity to the next. Being the energetic type, she is very likely to be actively involved in sports, usually the physically demanding ones. She is self-sufficient, and goes after what she wants with will power and determination. She thinks big and is likely to go to the right academic institutions. She is definitely an achiever who is going places.
Aries Boy
A parent will find it hard to keep up with the Aries boy; he has tremendous reserves of energy. He usually has a fiery temper and can be dangerous when aroused. He is one of the most dynamic people around. Occasionally his haste will get him into trouble, or even accidents. The Aries teen views life as one long competition, and always struggles to come out on top. This, combined with his impulsiveness, often leads to frustration. He is a born leader and always rushes to take charge. Be it the football team or the local cricket club, you will find him in a position of authority. The Aries lad can be a bit self-centred at times due to his need to have things his way. He is a bit of a pioneer and wants to chart his own career. When presented with a challenge, he will be the first to jump up and accept it. Strength, determination, initiative, energy and courage are his greatest strengths. This boy is certainly going places.

Taurus Girl
This girl is extremely fashion conscious and loves to dress up. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. She has a penchant for necklaces, as Taurus, her sign, rules the neck and throat. She can often be seen at shops, spending her stash of cash. She can be a bit self-indulgent at times, so gently remind her that she may not need all the things she spends her money on. She has a weakness for all things sweet, which often causes digestive problems. She is extremely patient and determined as she systematically goes about realising her goals. Her ambition ensures that she is both hardworking and helpful towards others. She is not likely to be actively involved in sports, though she wouldn't mind light sports like golf. The Taurus girl is a bit obstinate at times and holds fixed opinions, but on the other hand, when she sets goals for herself, she follows them up thoroughly and unwaveringly. She is rarely hindered by obstacles that others find daunting. Look out for her, she will go places.
Taurus Boy
The Taurus lad is big, powerfully built and obstinate. While he may be extremely stubborn and want to have his way, it would do well to remember that 'his' way is probability the best 'way' of all! He can be very opinionated, but he can also be extremely patient, tolerant and dependable. He pursues his goals with perseverance and determination, and it shows up in his schoolwork. He does well at school, paving the way to a good career. He can often be self-indulgent, spending money on the good life. He works hard so that he can pay for his own indulgences. The Taurus lad knows the value of networking and always mixes with the right crowd. He is a plodder, and rarely gives in to frustrations. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and gardening; anything that gets him close to the earth. The Taurus boy is a neat, orderly person. All in all, he is the perfect son to have.
Gemini Girl
The Gemini girl is quick on the uptake, brilliant in patches. Represented by the Twins, she is apt to run in opposite directions. Her heart may want peace, but her mind needs stimulation. Smart and witty, she has loads of friends and the phone will never stop ringing. Her communication skills are highly developed and her letters are usually masterpieces. The Gemini lass needs a host of hobbies to keep her occupied, which is why she is constantly engaged in everything from aerobics to philosophy. Though she loves to talk and gossip, she usually excels at studies. And she does that without trying hard too hard. She enjoys sports like swimming. She may also be involved in athletics, burning off the excess energy.
Gemini Boy
He is a smart and likeable young man, who charms everyone with his ready wit and humour. Though he is not a born leader, he always participates in group activity -- he loves people. He generally lacks in consistency and flits from one thing to the next. A variety of things capture his imagination, be it chess, trivia or computer games. The chief dangers are a lack of patience and an unwillingness to persist until a thing is thoroughly mastered. He sometimes glib-talks, simply skimming over a subject without a thorough understanding. He is a born charmer and can leave a group enthralled with his talk. He may find his calling as a politician or a public servant. However, he may change his mind a hundred times about his future career.

Cancer Girl
More emotional than the average girl, she appreciates the nurturing aspects of home and hearth. She is dependable and does not view her duty as a chore, but really a pleasure. A true nurturer, she is a comfort-giver to all around. The Cancer girl goes through life with a shell around her that is not easily cracked. If fact, she can stay in that shell until she's sure it is safe to step outside. Most Cancerians are apt to be crabby from time to time, and the Cancer girl is no exception. However, for most part, she has a cheerful disposition. She takes her studies seriously and can retain information well, thanks to her good memory, which also makes her good at taking exams. She will sail through her exams with flying colours. She is apt to view college merely as a means to a great career rather an end in itself.
Cancer Boy
The Cancer lad is very emotional and apt to mood swings. He often takes offence when none is intended. He is family oriented and a deeply caring person. You can count on him to help out with family chores. He is bound to be involved in sports, preferably those requiring a team effort as he is drawn towards the camaraderie of a team. His hobbies usually involve collecting things. He never throws away anything. He is a natty dresser, though he is certainly not narcisstic . He tends to be a bit of a miser and rarely spends money on himself. Since Cancer rules the stomach, he usually has a healthy appetite, so make sure the fridge is always stocked. He usually makes a good leader and his friends look to him for help and guidance. He is likely to gravitate towards a small college or university where he can build a family environment away from home.
Leo Girl
Leo girls are at the centre of attraction all the time. And that is the way they like it. The Leo girl always manages to look good. She has a fine sense of style, and is always dressed for effect. Her natural flamboyance and verve make her ideally suited for the show business. With her creativity and drive, she could very well become a film star. Her hobbies include acting and others artistic pursuits, activities like tennis, riding and sailing. She is a sociable person and can always be found in groups. She is a born leader; she dreams big and aims high. She may be a handful at times, but this young lady is definitely going places.
Leo Boy
The Leo lad cannot be held back in narrow confines. He is a big player for sure. The Leo boy is a born charmer. He is a born leader and is usually the leader of his group. He sets his own rules and plays by them until he's bored, after which he will pick a new sport. He usually excels at school because he cannot comtemplate being anywhere but the top. He likes to think big and will aim for the best universities. He could grow up to be an actor, or an important politician. Driven by ambition and vitality, he wants it all. His flamboyance and love for the spotlight makes him take quite naturally to fame.
Virgo Girl
The Virgo girl is a shy and reserved young lady, disposed to spending much of her time fretting over things. She is a perfectionist who is never satisfied. The ever-organised Virgo is forever planning and making lists. She chooses her friends, both boys and girls with care. She prefers the company of like-minded individuals, perhaps those who are as health conscious as her. As Virgo rules the nervous system, this young girl is prone to nervousness and anxiety. She is consumed by her obsession for detail. Studious and hardworking, she always gets good grades, which gives her immense satisfaction. She is not out there to seek glory and fame, but merely the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Relationship with her siblings may not be good as she is prone to criticise them constantly. Academically, she is inclined towards research activities. She is ideally suited to be a doctor, nurse, programmer or editor.
Virgo Boy
He is always very particular about his appearance and is a fussy dresser. He is not a big spender, and is careful with his money. He takes a logical approach to every aspect of his life. He expresses himself in a straightforward manner. He often lacks tact and his criticism is not always endearing. With his analytical mind, he is often engaged in activities like chess and advanced mathematics that stimulate his mind. This leaves him little time to participate in physical activities and sports. He is usually a top performer in school and has all the ingredients for a successful career, possibly as a businessman or a doctor. He should watch out for anxiety or depression, which are common amongst Virgo boys.

Libra Girl
She is a beautiful young lady who is always surrounded by admirers. She is a born charmer who loves to have people around. As Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, she is always well dressed and possesses a fine sense of style. Many Libra lasses wind up in the beauty and fashion industry for this reason. Librans can't stand being alone and constantly socialise, and in all probability, are in relationships. And being a born charmer, she will be able to keep the group enthralled. She is sometimes dismissed as superficial and insincere, but her intentions are always genuine. Since Libra is an air sign, she should do well in academics. She is drawn to beauty and aesthetics in her career.
Libra Boy
The Libra lad is always conscious of his appearance. He always moves in the right circles, as he wants to be seen in the right company. He is a smooth talker and a born charmer. As Librans make good diplomats, he brings harmony to his group and manages to accommodate divergent viewpoints. At times, he may appear a bit superficial and lacking in passion and deep-rooted beliefs. The main interests of his life are dressing well and spending time in the company of friends. He has a fine sense of style and enjoys spending on luxury. He has a high I.Q. and should he put his mind to it, there is very little that he can't achieve. He will go to the best Universities, mostly because it will enhance his image.

Scorpio Girl
A Scorpio girl is secretive, mysterious and enigmatic. She is a very focussed person, and once she makes up her mind, there is no stopping her. She is very passionate, and occasionally quite manipulative. As she is given to frequent mood swings, she can be a handful at times. She is a very sensitive person who relies on her intuition to explore the world around her. She enjoys sports, which satisfies her competitive urge. Stubborn and strong-willed, she doesn't believe in half-measures. She is erratic and unpredictable, yet on some days she can be amiable company and on others she jealously guards her privacy. This also applies to her appearance, as at times she won't step out of the house without being well dressed and at other times, she won't bother to comb her hair. School life is unpredictable, and even if she is not a model student, she can achieve her goals by the dint of sheer determination and perseverance.
Scorpio Boy
He is a mysterious and secretive person who never reveals what he is thinking. He possesses an almost mystical and magnetic quality but can also be quite ruthless and dangerous. He usually has a penetrative insight and needs to know people to the core. He enjoys sports, but mostly for the competition it offers. Being a water sign, he is unpredictable and occasionally undergoes mood swings. He is a very passionate and intense person who cannot tolerate things not going his way. He enjoys challenging hobbies. He usually has his own agenda and expectations from life and he goes about fulfilling them with a single-minded passion. He is confident and resourceful, with people flocking to him, but mind you, the sting of a Scorpio can be really dangerous.

Sagittarius Girl
This is a young woman you can always count on, and most of the times, she is fun to be with. The Sagittarius girl never lacks company; she is bubbling with energy and ready to explore any thing. She certainly has the gift of the gab but her tendency to blurt out whatever's on her mind can land her in a mess. People around won't understand that she is simply being honest. If she finds something interesting she will simply go for it. She is not the kind to spend long hours in front of the mirror and happily shares her wardrobe with other girls. The young Sagittarius will excel at school and is likely to travel to another country for higher studies.
Sagittarius Boy
A Sagittarian young man is steeped in the spirit of adventure and loves to roam the world more than anything else. He dreams on a grand scale. And what is interesting -- this has a good chance of coming true! He has a fiercely independent spirit and finds it really hard to commit himself to anything. The best thing about him is that he is open to all kinds of ideas and this wins him a lot of friends, and lovers as well. Another reason for his popularity is his carefree, fun loving nature, and the enormous generosity that he bestows on his friends. He has a lot of energy bottled up and sports provide just one outlet. The Sagittarian will spend his life chasing wild dreams.

Capricorn Girl
This young lady is both studious and diligent; she doesn't see much beyond work. She will figure at the top of her class, and that's just the first step for someone as ambitious as her. She is generally friendly, a trait which helps her to achieve her goals, but she'll need a lot of external support to prevent her from taking life too seriously. Conservative by nature, the Capricorn lass is realistic. Her cautious approach to life does not allow her to be a daredevil. Her exceptional organisational skills help her to tide over most crises and attain her goals.
Capricorn Boy
The Capricorn lad will rarely find any leisure since he will be busy chalking out future plans. Serious by nature, he has no time for flippant socialising and has his mind on more important matters. Of course he doesn't want to be rude, but his passion for getting things done often makes him a little bossy. In his leisure time the Capricorn boy loves to indulge in competition, especially in sports, and he finds it very difficult to cope with defeat. For that he needs the support of his compatriots. One-to-one competition also appeals to him. Practical and reliable, he can be trusted with any new responsibility. At the end of the day, a Capricorn boy likes to be surrounded by the spoils of his success. He has been striving for it all through the day. Someday his toils will pay off and he will rule the world.

Aquarius Girl
If the idea is radical, it must be an Aquarian idea. She seems to be game for anything; the rebel in her makes her unique. She has the guts to take on society; on her own terms. She doesn't care for much small talk; the Aquarian will have lots of acquaintances but hardly any good friends. She's good with style and fashion; trust her to spring an original on you. For an evening out, she will never opt for a sentimental movie; she is likely to enjoy an experimental theatre performance in the dark! Even when she studies, she builds an unconvential environment around herself. The Aquarian girl is not for everyone, but then she doesn't want to be either!
Aquarius Boy
The Aquarius boy generally keeps to himself. He has a lot of creativity within him and needs space to do his 'work'. He is not into sentimentalising and don't be surprised if he doesn't remember birthdays. A display of affection is not for him. But you can expect the unexpected. The Aquarius lad loves the company of someone who can keep up with him. He loves sophisticated gadgets, and don't be surprised if this techno youth ends up creating a software that leads to big success. Knowing an Aquarian will be a unique experience full of little adventures.

Pisces Girl
The best shoulder to cry on -- that's the Pisces girl for you. Compassion and sympathy are the hallmarks of this girl and don't be surprised if she ends up in the profession of social welfare. Since much of her time will be taken up relieving others' worries, she will hardly find time to pamper her personal self. Comfortable in second-hand clothes, she'll be happy in whatever makes her feel comfortable. The Pisces lass has a dreamy disposition and loses track when she wanders. She is invariably late for appointments. The best institution suited for her will be, preferably, a small liberal arts college. Always willing to help a friend, the inner beauty of a Pisces lady lies in her creativity and powers of empathy.
Pisces Boy
Kind and compassionate, a Piscean lad generally goes out of his way to help others. He never intentionally hurt others and seeks to avoid confrontation at all costs. He spends much of his time in the cocoon of his private dream world. He is absent minded at times. He sees the world through rose tinted glasses, he walks around with his head in the clouds. He is generally a loner and often has to be drawn into the company of friends. By and large, he is very selective about his friends. He often lacks in determination and this may account for his not realising his potential. He is an impressionable person who could get into wrong company that might have potentially disastrous consequences. If he can be motivated to work hard, there is very little he cannot achieve.

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